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Opportunities ebb and flow everyday.

Our mission is to help people see what they have been missing. Become all-knowing.

Our Story

We develop precision-crafted modern spread trades based on articles published in WSJ, IBD, FT, Forbes, investing books, brokerage/analyst reports. We source, evaluate, and productize less appreciated assets such as futures, forex, options, and transforming them into quantified, actionable knowledge for our customers to make trading decisions.

We are a global workforce of technologists, data scientists, strategists, designers and problem-solvers who work together to continually create, update, and share actionable information on financial markets with the use of powerful visualizations for our customers, traders, risk managers and brokers to comprehend.

SAMBAR platform was created to help our customers improve their engagement with financial markets. We use past performance combined with current events as the bedrock for build our modern spread trades.

We lean on our professional network of publications, analysts and intelligence systems and always innovating with the primary focus on financial markets information and knowledge transfer through visualizations.

How Are Trades Built?   Recommender vs Analyst   Win-Win Revenue Sharing
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Our Culture

We believe in easy to understand, awe-inspiring visualizations on complex financial subject matters. We are multi-cultural, authentic, curious, collaborative and fun. We strive to create ecstatic customers and we really do want to make people’s lives better financially. Checkout our awesome benefit packages.

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