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Chicago Wheat Futures

Chicago SRW Wheat futures contract is one of the most liquid contracts in the world trading more than 9 times then its European counterpart. Because of this liquidity and for hedging and risk management purposes, millers, exporters, processors, and producers look to Chicago SRW and KC HRW. Liquidity provides the ability to execute positions quickly, effectively and efficiently. Liquidity offers more flexibility in structuring hedging strategies to meet your timing and market needs. Moreover, when the world is facing new challenges in Wheat risk management, liquidity provides the security you need to respond with confidence.


Chicago Soft Red Winter Wheat was the very first wheat futures contracted listed back in the 1800s and is based on the wheat primarily used for cookies and pastries. KC Hard Red Winter Wheat represents high protein wheat that is used primarily for baking bread. European Union (EU) Wheat represents the soft milling wheat grown in Europe.

Each Grain and Oilseed futures product is based on a contract size of 5,000 bushels, except for Soybean Oil which is 60,000 pounds, Soybean Meal which is 100 tons and Rough Rice which has a size of 2,000 hundredweight.

Corn, Soybeans, Chicago Soft Red Winter and KC Hard Red Winter Wheat each offer a mini-sized 1,000-bushel contract for those whose needs are better met by a smaller-sized product.

The Agricultural markets are dependent on the supply and demand dynamics of the underlying commodity, which can shift, and change based on weather conditions, politics, disease, and shipping and freight issues. Fluctuations in these factors can impact the price volatility of the markets.

The trading months for each contract are designed to coincide with each commodity’s own planting and harvest seasons, to ensure that hedgers can get protection during those critical periods of the growing seasons.

These benchmark Grain and Oilseed futures are traded electronically via CME Globex, and are physically-delivered.

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